Cargo vans – tips and techniques to buy the best for less

The improvement assisted in the general economy in recent years has had a major impact on the segment of light utility and even cargo vans, after all people consuming more and more credit in the market, this type of vehicle, which already had a great demand, started to It is further ordered by fleets of all sizes. To seize this moment, automakers work hard in the disclosure of the differentials of each of its products. Let’s learn more about some of them so you can make the best purchase possible when looking for a van for sale:

The sprinter from Mercedes.

The Mercedes-Benz invested heavily in safety features, comfort and Sprinter line technology (cargo vans, van and chassis) and the result of sales all over the world, has been pleasing to the auto makers .The line is a reference in the market. It has the engine OM 651 with Blue EFFICIENCY technology, that ensures more power and torque with lower emissions, the operating cost is very interesting because there was a great reduction in consumption and there is still an excellent resale value.

Cargo vans - tips and techniques to buy the best for less

In the security, this new generation of Sprinter cargo vans further reinforced its commitment with the introduction of electronic control program ESP Adaptative® stability in the brake system, which is the integration of known ASR and ABS BAS and EBV, reducing significantly the risk of accidents, even in critical situations and ensures greater control and vehicle stability. It also brings a greater AIRBAG for the driver’s companions (van and chassis) or the passengers of the first row of seats of the van.

The market makes the rules even when it comes to a van for sale.

Customers of this type of vehicle want a product that offers at the same time, comfort and practicality. Internally, the Sprinter has a greater height, the dashboard comes with a series of warning sensors such as oil, exchange gear and flashlight. The air conditioning is kept at the temperature regardless of outside temperature and solar radiation. In the matter of practicality, we must point out that the opening of the doors is the largest category which facilitates the logistics issue, which means it is an excellent option for those looking for cargo vans check here

Other important things to check when looking to buy a cargo van.

Another novelty which pleased the market was the highest transmission capacity Sprinter has, both as regards the number of passengers in the case of vans, as the loading volume of vans and chassis. This is due to increased wheelbases (3,250 / 3,665 / 4,325 mm) and PBT – . An interesting point to make is the Sprinter line beyond the traditional van, has another joint call because transports people and equipment, this model is essential for companies such as shooting or buffet, for example, for addition to the equipment and products, so it can be used in all sorts of businesses, being the perfect van among cargo vans.



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