Inspecting your used sprinter van

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Before buying a used sprinter van you have to , it is important to make sure that the car is in good condition. For this, a visual assessment and a test drive are key. See what points deserve your attention, noting that the suggestions presented here are ideal to conduct a pre-assessment and dispose of businesses that have no future. When carrying out the purchase, however, the ideal is to consult a trusted mechanic who can make a more detailed and professional inspection.

 Inspecting your used sprinter van

1. What should I check in outside of the used sprinter van?

  • Examine the used sprinter van preferably in daylight. You can find more here  Indoors or dark places, you may find it difficult to observe important details
  • Be wary of ripples and small dents in the bodywork. If there are differences in the hood edges, it is quite likely that the car has been beaten
  • Bubbles in the paint indicate rust
  • Check sprinter van was recently painted. Splashes of paint or color differences in the bodywork may mask a possible strike
  • Check carefully the spans, clearances and hood fittings, doors and trunk. Misalignment can report recent repair or collision
  • Make sure the doors and the hood, to be closed, they fit perfectly. The gap may indicate that the car was hit
  • To test the damper, shake the car. If the sprinter van shakes several times, the damper can be in poor condition
  • Irregular tire wear may indicate problems with the suspension, alignment or balancing wheel
  • Check the distance of the wheels in relation to the tabs of the fenders. See if the shafts (front and rear) are perfectly aligned in relation to the body
  • To identify potential holes that have been covered with plastic mass, wrap a magnet in a flannel, fix it in the bodywork and move it. If it pops out at some point, it may mean that the site was covered.

2. What should I check when you open the hood of the used sprinter van?

  • The engine sound is an important indication of wear or proper functioning. Get help from a mechanic you trust to assess whether the sprinter van needs an overhaul
  • Check the oil by removing the rod from its compartment and evaluating their appearance and viscosity level
  • Check the engine cooling system. The visible liquid in the water tank must not show signs of rust or oily appearance. Rubber tubes cannot be cracked, broken or dried;
  • Make sure the air filter is clean in the used sprinter van.
  • The ignition wires should contain no breaks or tears
  • The fan should rotate evenly, without vibrations. The belt cannot be cracked or warped

3. What should I check when entering the used sprinter van?

  • To sit, observe if the seats are not sunk, loose or bent. Also make sure they are not torn, dirty or broken
  • Examine all commands: headlights, windshield wipers, defroster, turn signal (blinker), brake lights, speedometer, distress signals (hazard lights), horn, temperature indicator etc.
  • Check the condition of the door mirrors, bumpers, lamps, hand brake and foot
  • Rust spots, water or moisture underneath the carpets indicate problems in sealing or holes in the floor
  • With the used sprinter stopped and the engine running, set parking brake, keeping the foot on the pedal for some time. If it lowering gradually, it means that there is brake fluid leak
  • Accelerate the car and observe leakage. Excessive smoke or exhaust pipe dirty oil indicate poor sealing rings or engine with very short shelf life in the used sprinter van.

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