Can I Use a Limousine As My Daily Driver?

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Riding a limousine is a special thing that you usually only get to experience a couple of times in your whole life. You can count in your hands the number of times that riding a limousine is somewhat acceptable – prom night, red carpet event, wedding events, and big events. A limousine is a car worthy of only being used on the biggest occasion of your lives. It is such a prestigious car that riding one is considered a luxury by many people. But what if you have a chance to use limousine as your daily driver? Would you do it? Is it a wise decision? Well, let’s find out.

Even if this may seem like a weird idea to some, there are many people that are using limousines as their daily driver. A limousine is a good vehicle that is exceptionally comfortable to ride in. I can somewhat see the appeal it has to many people. However, is the added comfort a good enough excuse to make it your daily driver?

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In my personal opinion, riding a limousine everyday isn’t really a good idea. Let me tell you why.

Maintenance is hard

If you’ve already own a rare car, you may have an idea of how hard it is to maintain this type of vehicle. Few information can be found on rare cars because of their, just as you guessed, rarity. Apart from that, their parts are very hard to find. Compare that to your usual Toyota’s and Honda’s where every auto shop has at least a part or two of even their oldest models. Obviously, the rarer the vehicle, the harder it is to maintain.

Because of the availability of information on the internet, you can easily search for some car fixes on Google. However, if you have a rare car, in this case a Limousine, you will have a hard time finding a repair guide. If you are planning to use a limousine as your daily driver, you better be good on car repairs because you will surely need it.

Bad mileage

Limousines have bad gas mileage due to their increased length and weight. Limousines are actually notorious for their gas mileage – sometimes even rivalling that of a 4×4 SUV. This should tell you a lot. Not saying that is an undriveable vehicle but it certainly seems like it. At least with an SUV, you are getting a roomier space with towing capacity and added power. With limousine, you only get additional comfort and the feeling of luxury while inside. Some people would gladly accept the gas mileage tradeoff but most people won’t. To put it simply, the benefits of riding a limousine should outweigh the gas mileage factor if you want to use it as your daily driver.

Hard to maneuver

Not all limousines are long, contrary to what most people think. A limousine can be as long as a luxury sedan. There are many types of limousines and it just so happen that the most famous type is the long one – we call them ‘stretch’ limos. Stretched limos are the long white or black car that you are so familiar with. It is usually seen on weddings and red carpet events. The longer the vehicle, the rarer it is, and the harder it is to maneuver.

Considering that the wheel-base of a usual limousine is already longer than your usual SUV or sedan, a stretch limo will have an even longer wheel-base. This will make turning quite a hassle. If you are on a busy and narrow street, you may need to use the other lane to make a turn. This can be a problem especially if the route to your work contains of narrow and busy roads.

I hope this article will help you determine if a limousine is still worth it as a daily driver. If you have a comment or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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