Top reasons to buy a freightliner sprinter

The family Sprinter vans, vans and chassis cab already leads sales in its segment and so it is always a very good idea to know a little bit more about the freightliner sprinter, definitely the best option to have as a van, whether you carry people or cargo. Are you ready to know more about the beauties and advantages of such a great model?

Freightliner sprinter – perfect for all occasions.

Besides the new design – modern, bold and attractive – the new Sprinter family vans, cargo vans and chassis cab brings a lot of buzz by setting standards in technology, safety, economy, environmental protection and performance. This is the case of the new generation of OM 651 LA, more powerful, economical and environmentally friendly engines. These drivers bring advanced Blue EFFICIENCY technology for light commercial vehicles, solution already fully enshrined in the car brand. This means that the freightliner sprinter connects safety, fuel efficiency and quality for every customer and also the nature.

Top reasons to buy a freightliner sprinter

Here are a few more advantages that only the freightliner sprinter is able to offer.

The freightliner sprinter is one of the most sought after by the tourism sector and have unprecedented options 17+ 1 + 1 seats or 20 seats, which increases the possibilities for drivers carrying more people per trip.You can also read our post

The Sprinter is the market benchmark in quality, speed, excellence, profitability and customer satisfaction. The new generation will provide more benefits to customers, contributing to increased productivity in their cargo transport activities or passengers, resulting in greater profitability.

The new Sprinter family offers high capacity transport, both as regards the number of passengers in the case of vans, as the volume of cargo vans and chassis and it is possible to see it in every single product designed by Mercedes Benz, quality does come first, which is a wonderful differential.

How to choose the perfect freightliner sprinter for your needs and business.

These settings are offered factory, which ensures the highest quality, comfort and safety. And it has pleased the consumer. The new generation of diesel engines on the freightliner sprinter OM 651 LA biturbo 2.2-liter 4-cylinder has two power versions. The Sprinter 311 CDI Street and has 114 hp, with torque of 28.5 Nm 1200-2400 rpm. As for the models 415 CDI and 515 CDI has 146 hp power train with torque of 33.6 Nm 1200-2400 rpm. To contribute to the vibration reduction were placed two axes Lanchester balancers, driven by gears, balancers rotate below the crankshaft, crankcase, eliminating much of the vibration.

Other perfect features to help nature – and you to save cash!

The new ECO Gear manual transmission ZF 6S-450 6-speed is another novelty in the engine together with the longest relationships enables the engine to run at lower speeds, helping to fuel economy. The package of safety features is quite complete, with ESP stability control, and ASR traction control and anti-locking brakes ABS. The driver has a number of airbag and the passenger front seat as an option. Are you ready to have the best freightliner sprinter for your business?

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